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Text Message Marketing for Yogen Fruz Drives Re-Visitation

When it comes to text message marketing, many of us are well familiar with the process of opting-in for an immediate incentive offer.  While it’s true that most of us enjoy the immediate gratification of most things, for some businesses, too many on-the-spot discounts can hurt cash flow. Yogen Fruz drives customer re-visitation through SMS Marketing with Text2VIP. After using an immediate discount offer to gain thousands of mobile club members, Yogen Fruz decided to try out a different approach. […]

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Krispy Kreme

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Activating Media Channels

We’ve often touched on the value that mobile can bring when added to otherwise “traditional” media. This week, one of our text message marketing clients, Subway, took this to heart by incorporating a SMS call to action in their newspaper ad. Considering that the average text message remains on the mobile device an average of 21 days in the U.S. before being deleted, Subway’s text message coupon stands a much greater chance of drawing attention in the days to come […]

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